The Beginning

When Pete and I booked my solo New Zealand trip six months ago we had no idea the turns our life would take. Since hitting the “buy now” button we realized through a series of events that my full-time job was no longer working for our family. Now six months, one resignation, one career change, and one big life-style change later I sit on a couch next to a snoring dog in Queenstown, New Zealand half-way around the world. It seems amusingly fitting. Once your actions turn your life upside down, why not fly so that your physical location matches your state-of-mind?

But at least I am doing it. That has become my refrain. Our life had reached a point where we were simply surviving each day just to survive the next. We had no time to enjoy our family, to live our life, or even to simply keep our house a home. We were missing the good stuff. So we did it. We cut our family income in half and suddenly I am a preschool teacher and stay at home mom. Four days later I said good-bye to my husband and two-year-old son and hopped a plane for New Zealand to see my good friend and her new baby.

On the plane over I watched “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” and I think I might have to replace my refrain with Sonny’s: “The end is good. If it is not good yet, it is not the end yet.” Our life has become very new and unknown. Things have not settled down yet and some things still have yet to land. We are in the hard-work stage and not yet seeing the rewards of our hard work. But, I know we will. It is just not the end yet. In the meantime it is a wonderful mess.