A Wintery Mess in the Coat Closet

It’s that time of year that brings with it a wintery mess.  I’m not talking about snow or slush; I’m talking about all the hats, mittens, scarves, boots, and winter detritus that go along with the cold weather.  If left unchecked it can quickly take over closets and make the entryway look like an end-of-season sale.  Not to mention the chaos that ensues when you are trying to leave the house in the morning with a four-year-old and an infant and you cannot find a hat to save your life.  Since there was snow in the forecast, this week’s challenge was tacking the front hall closet.  I was determined to be able to find a warm hat for both my boys.  I am proud to say I did it!  My family now has an organized, functioning coat closet.  The best part is in the mornings my four year old is now able to get his hat, mittens, and coat all by himself.  I don’t know who is prouder, him or me.  Here are the 5 things that helped my coat closet and family’s life get a little bit better:

1.  Make a 2 coats per person rule.

I am terrible about seasonal purging (it sort of goes without saying here) but, our coat closet is small and winter coats are big.  So, all fall/spring coats went into the guest room closet.  I was surprised at how many there were!  All I left in the closet was one puffy-warm coat and one fancy-warm coat per person.  Let’s face it, that’s really all you need. Suddenly I have loads of room in my coat closet!  Not too shabby.

2.  Hang an on-the-door shoe rack.

This is officially my favorite organization trick!  It takes a mess of winter wear and suddenly gives them all a place.  They are easy to find, out of a bottomless pit of a storage bin, off the floor, and use minimal closet space.  It also makes it easy for my 4-year old son to keep track of his own things.  He knows which row is his and goes there to find his mittens and hats.  This also lends itself to an easy drying system.  After getting clothes all wet from playing in the snow, simply use a clothespin to attach the wet clothing to the outside of its storage pocket.  It will dry quickly and it will be easy to return it to its place.

3.  Bag the bags.

Moms are the black hole of bags.  I constantly find myself holding onto random bags.  If it is not a disposable bag, I will hold onto it because “it could be a good bag someday”.  Gee, good thing that mindset doesn’t add to clutter.  (Eye roll here.)  But taking a page from my 2-coat rule, I was intent on purging.  Tote bags, grocery bags, book bags, and handbags all came out of my closet.  Then, I simply asked two questions: “what do I use it for?” and “how often do you use it?”.  If I used it often, I hung it from a hook or from a hanger.  My favorite, go-to tote bag goes on a hanger and I swear it makes life easier.  I am able to find it easily, load it easily, and clean it out easily. A few other favorite bags were stored on the top shelf. All other bags found a new home inside a suitcase in my closet.

4.  Add some shelves.

Make the refill of that diaper bag as easy as possible by adding some small, thoughtfully stocked shelves that store a few necessities for quick replenishing.  My diapers, wipes, and extra clothes are now all together in the same place where I keep the diaper bag.  Loading the bag now is as quick as one, two three instead of frantically running up and down the stairs to grab things I forgot.  Granted the mini work out I got on the way out the door was probably good for me, but maybe I should just take my easily stocked diaper bag to the gym.  A musing for another day…

5.  Add a trashcan. 

I threw a trashcan in the front hall closet on a complete whim, thinking “if it works, great, if not I’ll take it out”.  I love this trick so much I am getting a bigger trashcan!  Whenever my family comes home from anywhere, it does not matter where, we somehow have gathered a ton of trash.  Honestly, the amount of random pieces of paper, used apple sauce pouches, old wet wipes, and disposable coffee cups my car collects on a daily basis is embarrassing.  But suddenly I have an easy place to dump all of it. As soon as we walk in the door, coats go in the closet and trash goes in the can. I love it!  My goal this weekend to put a bag dispenser in my car (this sound fancy – think an empty tissue box filled with plastic grocery bags) so I can easily collect the car trash and throw it away as soon as we are inside.  Brilliant!

Until next week, enjoy the mess!

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