Happy Valentine’s Day!

Our heart mailbox.

Our heart mailbox.

M-Man's valentine to us - his thumbprint heart!

M-Man’s valentine to us – his thumbprint heart!

Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap. Sure, there are reasons as to why it can be a complicated holiday (made by Hallmark, can make people feel lonely, blah, blah, blah).  I love Valentine’s Day.  I think it just needs a bit of a makeover.  It is a day to celebrate love.  That is a wonderful thing to celebrate!  I wish the world remembered to celebrate love a bit more throughout the rest of the year.  Love is not all about romance or fifty shades of anything.  I honestly think that is the most shallow kind.  Real love is when you would put someone’s happiness before your own.  Moms, dads, grandparents, brothers, sisters, friends, dogs, cats, …even my son’s old catfish…  everyone has someone they love.  Valentine’s Day is just a day to remember to show it.  The show doesn’t have to be big, or fancy, or expensive.  It just has to be shown however you best say I love you.  (For me, construction paper is my tool of choice.)  Hubs and I try to teach our boys that it’s good to show love, and that you should show love and kindness every day.  But, lives get busy.  People get tired, bills have to be paid, work stinks and sometimes you just get grumpy.  Sometimes the ones you love the most are the ones who get your grumpy side the most, because you know that you can be grumpy and your honest self with them and they will still love you.  Valentine’s Day serves as a reminder to pause your to-do list, no matter how much is on it or what you’re worried about, and show the people you love how much they matter.  It’s the simplest holiday, really: you don’t need presents, you don’t need to decorate, there are no big breaks to get through, no meals to plan, no family gatherings to get through, and no religious element.  You just need to pause and say I love you.  So, to all of the people I love, near and far, you are special to me and I love you.  Happy Valentine’s Day!


XO – Jane

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