House Stuff Happens

It was quite possible some of the longest hours my husband and I ever experienced short of those first few weeks with a new born.  We were returning home from New Zealand, a trip of a lifetime, when one phone call brought reality crashing home.  Our furnace exploded.


Thankfully, it was internal.  That means no fire, none of our animals were harmed (there were no animals harmed in the writing of this post), and our house was intact.  It was just very, very dirty.  When an oil furnace explodes, it sends a plumage of think, black, oily smoke all over your house.  An insurance guy described it best by saying “It’s like a fire, only with no flames.”  I had no idea how much damage smoke can do.  The worst of the damage was in the basement and attic.  We lost a fair amount of stuff.  I however, as Hubs will attest, am optimistic to the point of annoying.  There is always a silver liner.  In this case, my big lesson was that stuff happens, and when it does your stuff will quite possibly get damaged.  It’s hard, it’s emotional, and boy it’s exhausting.  The silver liner is: it’s just stuff.  Our furnace exploded before we had kids, so now I have an even greater appreciation of keeping my family safe, but even then I just felt relief that everyone was safe (because in our house animals are people, too).  And hey, it helped us do a major de-clutter and get rid of a lot of stuff!

With all the wacky weather we’ve been having, I have been seeing a lot of posts about freezing pipes, ice dams, and just awful stuff for home owners to endure.  I just wanted to write a little tribute to anyone who is currently going through something like this to hang in there.  I hope your house gets better soon.  And in the meantime, hug your family tight, keep your sense of humor, and know you are in my thoughts and prayers.




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