If you give a mom a work deadline….

If you give a mom a work deadline….

If you give a mom a work deadline,
She will clear her schedule to finish the project.

When she clears her day to finish the project,
She will probably get a call from the school that her son has had an accident and needs a change of clothes.

She will get in the car and bring him the change of clothes.
When she gets in the car she’ll notice that her husband’s medicine was left in the car.
So she’ll drive downtown to give it to him.

When she gets back from downtown it’s almost time for carpool so she’ll go straight to the school. She might even pass the time by doing some work in the car and listening to the radio. When she goes to turn the car back on, she’ll realize that her battery is dead. So she’ll call AAA.

By now the baby needs a change. Going to change the baby she’ll realize that in her rush to bring the change of clothes she left the diaper bag at home. So she’ll put some tissues in the diaper instead.

After she’s done stuffing the diaper, it will be time to nurse. She will nurse the baby. After nursing it will be time for pick up. Since the car is still dead she’ll walk inside. Since it is raining, she’ll look for her umbrella, only to realize it is in the hall by the diaper bag.

The mom and baby will pick up the boy. The boy is so excited to see them, he’ll want to go home right then and have lunch! Only the car is still dead. Looking around the car, the Mom might find one small pack of crackers. The boy, Mom and baby will share this pack of crackers while waiting in the car in the rain for the car guy to come.

The car guy will finally come. He will look at her funny. The mom might then realize that she has left her blouse open after nursing.

Once the car is working the mom, boy, and baby will go home. Entering the door, the mom might notice a funny smell and realize she forgot to turn the burner down on the soup she had been making for dinner. She will open the pot to find the soup burnt.

Smelling the burnt soup smell will make the boy refuse to eat lunch. By the time he finally eats something it is time to get back in the car to go to speech.

Only in her rush to deal with the soup the Mom forgot where she put her keys. So she’ll make up a game called “find Mommy’s keys”. They will all play and finally find the keys. But by this time they are late for speech.

Getting home from speech, the boy will want a snack. Giving him a snack will remind the mom that there is nothing for dinner. She’ll look through the take out menus.

Looking at the papers will remind the mom that she still has her work deadline. So she will clears her evening schedule to finish the project. Except when a mom clears her schedule, she will probably get a call to interrupt it…

And how was your Monday?

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